I attended my first yoga class in my early fifties and was frustrated by not knowing the poses or understanding the instructor. I then met George and began taking private yoga lessons with him. He is easy to understand, enthusiastic and actually makes yoga fun. I am now healthier, enjoy yoga and am no longer intimidated attending a yoga class. I heartily encourage others to take private yoga lessons with George.
— craig
I am a middle aged woman with chronic back and hip pain who tried yoga once many years ago with an instructor who ignored my concerns about not being able to do a certain pose, resulting in a significant injury. George has a way of gradually introducing new poses which not only don’t hurt but actually improve function and mobility. He is also very knowledgeable and quick to adjust poses so that they do not cause any strain or injury. George never has a set routine-he is always changing things up based on what he observes. Private sessions are the best because they are specifically tailored to me. I look forward each week to our sessions! The focus on breathing and being in touch with my body is a great way to recharge. My only complaint is that an hour goes so quickly!
— Mary
I highly recommend private lessons with George to anyone who is too intimidated to ask questions in yoga classes or who wishes more individual attention in order to refine his or her practice. I have practiced yoga for over 3 years and worked with various instructors. What sets George apart is his patience and willingness to listen to your specific concerns. He always takes the time to examine your poses and provides instructions to refine them in a manner that is practical and easy to follow. He is now helping me overcome my fear of inversion, and I think I will be there in the not-so-distant future. Last but not the least, George is a great person, and he is a pleasure to be with.
— Kimiko

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